10 May 2018

Software Group with a new unit for Customer Success Management

At the start of 2018, Software Group established a new unit focusing on Customer Success Management. The team will be dedicated to develop partnerships within our existing customer base through active engagement, collaborating internally to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle, drive retention and expansion, promote customer advocacy and provide strategic guidance as a value-add solutions partner.

Customer Success is when our customers achieve their desired outcome through their interactions with Software Group. This initiative aims to position our customers as the focal point of our operations, understanding that we as a company exist to make other organizations successful. To achieve customer success requires an understanding of the customer’s strategy, aligning on expectations and effective communication to ensure that we have the customer’s success in mind in all interactions. Our goal is to ensure that the communication is consistent, our customers feel supported and our solutions continue to generate value in an increasingly competitive market.

We want our customers to be proud of their success, share their experience and support them in achieving their goals. Hence, we are reflecting on our vast experience in the sector, learning from all the cases we faced and taking action not only to retain but to expand our relationships with our most valued customers and convert their success into mutual success stories and insights for innovation. Customer success is more than a unit in Software Group as it is part of our company’s culture and ethos. We believe that it is essential to all departments and the way we conduct business in general following our aim to create real value for customers, generate loyalty and leverage successful relationships.

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