10 April 2018

36th BACEE Regional Banking Conference

Budapest, Hungary

Software Group’s CEO Kalin Radev presented the topic: “Open Banking and Integrated Platforms” during the 36th BACEE Regional Banking Conference in Budapest.

The traditional regional banking conference of the Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE) is held twice a year in Budapest, Hungary. This international event aims to
assess the macroeconomic situation in the CEE/CIS countries, give a complete overview of their banking sector, explore risk and opportunities, and facilitate the transfer of know-how and best solutions.

Bringing 20+ years of experience in the IT sector, 15+ of which in financial inclusion, banking and microfinance across Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific and Latin America, Software Group’s CEO Kalin Radev shared his insights on open banking and integrated platforms during the first day of the conference – April 16, 4:35-4:55 pm.

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