21 December 2017

Message from the CEO

Dear friends,

Another remarkable year is about to pass and it has been again a great pleasure to serve you in 2017!

The digitalization all of us are looking forward to is already a fact. The demand for services that are relevant and convenient, available anytime, anywhere, make the financial transformation inevitable. Trends like blockchain technologies are gradually changing the sector and offering a significant benefit for the financial world by creating great value and impact. Another important trend is the artificial intelligence which role is increasingly important role in the financial sector and we are about to see how it will influence the financial organizations. The market has been more open than ever and new players are entering. Being on the battlefield for winning customers’ mindshare and attention, financial institutions need to be more innovative in answering their demands.

As a company which is at the frontline of providing cutting-edge financial solutions and partnering with organizations from all around the world, our goal is to support customers in their journey and unlock countless opportunities for exponential growth through technologies. This was the main idea behind the creation of our fully integrated digital platform for the financial sector. It features unification of architecture, code base, processes, and user experience across our product’s portfolio as a standardized modular platform. Our platform goes a step beyond omni-channel banking and allows banking and financial institutions to stay competitive in the dynamic environment they are operating in.

In addition, we are happy to announce that 2017 came with the launch of some of the company’s most significant projects. To accelerate financial inclusion, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has released new open-source software called Mojaloop for creating interoperable payments platforms that can help expand access to safe, affordable digital financial service for the poor. Software Group is one of the proud partners which made that possible and supported the foundation in their mission to connect all customers, merchants, banks, and other financial providers in the a country’s economy, bringing us one step closer to solving the financial inclusion problem.

We supported the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) in the Philippines to launch their Kaya payment platform. By April 2018, the plan of the organization is to onboard 50 cooperatives to the platform. The potential of the initiative is to reach more than 38 mln. people in 26 countries in Asia.

In 2017, our key projects include Fidelity Bank, one of the major banks in Ghana, Grameen Koota Financial Services, one of the biggest Microfinance Institutions in India and Alignet in Peru, a company specializing in providing technology solutions and means of payments in the electronic business sector.

Scale through partners will continue to be our strategic focus in 2018. Our achievements wouldn’t be possible without the support of our global partner network. During 2017, we have gained а number of new partnerships, from leading global names to regional market leaders. And together we have created the base that will help us grow beyond the limits of a single organization. Utilizing the full capacity of our partners is the only way to achieve truly aspirational goals and win big.

Last but not least, I would like to sincerely thank you all for your valued support and cooperation! I wish you Happy Holidays and looking forward to even more exciting, fulfilling and inspiring 2018!

Sincerely yours,

Kalin Radev

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