23 October 2017

Maintaining leadership positions in Peru with solutions from Software Group

In March 2017, Software Group signed a contract with Alignet, an online payment provider based in Peru, to improve company’s customer service and the implementation time with new entities through the use of innovative technology. Alignet is implementing Software Group’s UT5 Platform to help them control and monitor all the interconnected entities and manage the automatic settlement and reconciliation processes.

The platform will also enable the company to set up any Alternative Delivery Channel solutions for actual and new participants on the market. After the project is completed, it will ensure the connectivity between Alignet and card emitters systems, improving Alignet’s user experience in their Card-not-Present transactions.

In the scope of the project is also enabling the usage of pin pad for the agency bank transactions of the company. The platform will also establish connectivity between the company and the corresponding Commercial Bank as well as between Alignet’s business units and the different members of the ecosystem that interact with the commercial banks.

About Alignet

Alignet is specialized in providing technological solutions and means of payments in the Electronic Business sector. The company became a pioneer in Latin America by launching an authentication solution based on the protocol 3-D Secure, to support programs Veriied by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. Since 2002, Alignet has been expanding its authentication processing services including issuer, acquirer and commerce, to several countries in the region such as Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia and Colombia. Currently, Alignet is becoming one of the most important suppliers of 3-D in Latin America.


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