30 June 2017

Message from the CEO

Dear customers and partners,

We are starting our summer with a review of a hot topic for all European financial institutions – the revised Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). That being a topic of a huge interest, Software Group together with a partner company eFellows hosted an event presenting PSD2 as an opportunity rather than a compliance only. The discussion gathered over 100 representatives from leading financial organizations in Bulgaria. PSD2 is going to transform the European banking scene and we are here to help in that process.

Striving to support institutions on the road to digitalization in all parts of the world, I am also proud to announce the launch of the Kaya Payment Platform, a cloud payment service based on solutions by Software Group and Temenos, which aims to revolutionize the credit union sector in Asia. The initiative is a partnership across the National Confederation of Cooperatives and the Philippine Federation of Credit Cooperatives, under the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions.

We have also spoken to Mr. Martin Camahort, President of OK Remit, the Philippines, who kindly provides us with more insight on the business. He shares how the customer journey they offer has improved significantly by delivering affordable and accessible financial services with Software Group’s remittance solution.

Before I let you dive deeper into our current edition, I would like to wish you a great summer full of inspiration and enthusiasm!

Looking forward to seeing you again next time!

Sincerely yours,

Kalin Radev

CEO Software Group

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