26 April 2017

Message from the CEO

Dear customers and partners,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the March-April issue of SG Insider. As we have closed a delightful first quarter of 2017, we would like to share with you some news and insights.

In the current issue of the newsletter, you will be able to learn more about one of our new flagship customers – Fidelity Bank Ghana. We are partnering with them in the process of replacing their legacy agent management system with our new cutting edge solution. This will transform the way they run this business component and will enable the bank to grow its client base from the current 1 000 000 to 5 000 000 customers by 2020.

We will also introduce you to Mr. Daniel Goss, Group Executive Product and Channel Development, at Bayport Financial Services. Daniel will share the story of his company, which entered the segment of retail banking and gained additional market share after rolling out their pilot project with Software Group.

Following the constant strive to provide a great service to our customers, we have also appointed a new key member of our leadership team in Asia Pacific – Mr. Plamen Vutov, who is going to hold the Regional Director role for this market. He will be leading the offices of the company in Australia, India and the Philippines and will be responsible for all operations in the region.

Enjoy our newest SG Insider issue and we are looking forward to sharing with you interesting stories in the upcoming months as well!


Your Sincerely,

Kalin Radev,

CEO, Software Group

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