13 February 2017

Delivering the first cross-platform project with Xamarin iOS and Android

In January 2017, Software Group delivered the first cross-platform project in both iOS and Android using Xamarin, an innovative development platform. The completed project for VSL Associates involved rebuilding their Android App for data entry into the SAVIX platform, a standardised management information system (MIS). At the same time, Software Group commenced a project for another company – Catholic Relief Services, one of the stakeholders using the MIS. The project required the development of an iOS version of their existing Android App to allow data entry via an iPad. Software Group was able to combine both of these projects into one, by using Xamarin and reutilizing the majority of the software code.

The Xamarin platform allows the delivery of cross-platform native mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Leveraging this platform, the Special Projects Team of Software Group was able to share code between Android and iOS, re-using the majority of the business logic and related code between the different applications.

To successfully apply this technology and maximize code re-use and speed, the design and development teams worked closely together, starting from the design phase. The designers ensured that the Android and iOS App had the same content, flow and logic without compromising the design guidelines of both iOS and Android.

Such a process enables companies to reduce their time to market, be more efficient in this highly competitive environment and more easily maintain their mobile applications following implementation.

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