24 November 2016

Software Group is in Top 20 Finance Technology Providers in APAC

Software Group, a global technology company specialized in delivery channel and integration solutions for the financial sector, is in the Top 20 Finance Technology Providers in APAC region for 2016, according to CIO Advisor’s annual ranking of the IT companies in the region.

CIO Advisor is one of the most renowned magazines on business enterprise insights in the Information technology sector. Each year it ranks the most prominent finance technology providers which deliver reliable and cost effective solutions and help customers benefit from the latest technologies.

Software Group is ranked along with other players in the IT sector such as Temenos, Infosys, Zoho Corporation, etc. The companies in the list are finance technology providers offering solutions which ensure more efficient, affordable and scalable financial services to the customers.

Software Group is recognized for its innovative solutions that enable end customers in the developing countries and particularly APAC region to have quick, convenient and cost-effective access to financial services where that was a challenge. Our vision is to accelerate financial inclusion by creating cutting edge solutions, empowering organisations of all sizes to extend their outreach and improve efficiency. Software Group provides unique delivery channel solutions empowering microfinance institutions, development organisations and other financial institutions to offer services and products to a much wider audience.

Software Group’s solutions are used by a large number of financial organizations in APAC based in countries such as India, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vanuatu, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, etc. Through our projects we have supported improving the living standard and conditions of over 2,5 mln. end clients in Asia Pacific through a range of self service and over the counter delivery channels. Our solutions have more than 20 million active users across the globe and we are actively involved in improving their quality of life through providing access to financial services.


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