24 November 2016

Software Group creates a new department to drive innovations

In October, Software Group created a new innovation department which will be responsible for driving and implementing innovative ideas within the company. Some of the main functions which the newly formed team will have, are analysing the requirements of the markets the company is operating in and working together with the R&D team to deliver what the clients need. The innovation department starts with seven members and will be the bridge between the general business and the product development cycle.

Ms. Geraldine O’Keefe was appointed as a Chief Innovation Officer. She will be leading the department to further improve the product and solution management within the company. „Driving innovation is at the core of Software Group’s values. With the creation of this department we aim to serve better the demanding financial market and meet the needs of our customers’, commented Ms. O’Keefe.

Geraldine will add the new responsibilities related to innovation to her current position of COO at Software Group. In the last 13 years, she has completed over 50 consultancy assignments and 40 successful software implementation projects for a range of different financial institutions and players within the Financial Inclusion space. These projects include the development and implementation of ICT for development programs focused on IT Strategy, business process reengineering and systems implementation.  She has a proven ability to discover customer needs and design sustainable, holistic solutions that carefully consider the interactions between people, process and technology.

„Technologies change everything, new players enter traditional markets and financial institutions are forced to rethink the way they do their business, so they can stay competitive and on top of the wave. By focusing on innovations we are here to support this process and guide the financial institutions through this transformation”, adds Mr. Kalin Radev, CEO of Software Group.

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