24 November 2016

Global digital payments increased by 40 billion in the last year

Global digital payments increased by 40 billion in year 2015 reaching 426.3 billion transactions. This shows the World Payments Report 2016 prepared by Capgemini and BNP Paribas Bank. The volumes have risen by 10% compared to year 2014 when they account for 387.3 billion globally.

According to the report, digital payments growth was impacted significantly by the economic growth in the developing countries, improved security measures as well as government initiatives which aim to support electronic payments. From the markets analyzed in the study Emerging Asia is reaching the highest growth (31,9%), followed by Central Europe, Middle East and Africa (15,7%) and Mature Asia-Pacific (11,6%). Although the developing markets grew with the fastest rate, the mature markets still have the majority share in the digital payments globally. They account for 70,9% of the total digital payment volumes.

Read the full findings of the World Payment Report 2016 here.

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