20 September 2016

Improving Efficiency in the National Development Bank of PNG

In July this year, Software Group has kicked off a project with the National Development Bank (NDB) of Papua New Guinea and its subsidiary, People’s Micro Bank Limited (PMB), to implement a new Digital Field Application (DFA). The DFA solution will provide bank officers with a mobile application to perform customer registration, account opening and loan applications in the field, which will result in time savings and greatly improving efficiency for the Bank.

Since 2013, Software Group has been supporting NDB and PMB with the implementation of an electronic banking platform starting with the solution for SMS Alerts. Currently, PMB is offering a more convenient banking experience to their customers via ATM cards. This also provides self-service channels with mobile banking and ATM and POS networks, where customers can manage their accounts, withdraw funds and even pay bills without entering in the bank branch. The NDB Group continues to expand their services with ongoing integration projects which will enable them to connect with other banks, telecoms and utility partners throughout the country. The Bank has plans to extend their delivery channel networks even further in the coming years.

About National Development Bank

The National Development Bank is the development finance institution of Papua New Guinea. It is wholly owned by the Independent Public Business Corporation as Trustee for the State and people of Papua New Guinea. The National Development Bank is the successor company to the former Rural Development Bank Limited.

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