08 July 2016

Software Group attracts €5m external investment to fuel growth

Software Group welcomes its first minority investment from two leading companies: The European Investment Fund (through their local representative organization Black Peak Capital) and the venture capital group, PostScriptum Ventures. The investment will support further growth of Software Group and its desire for excellence.

Black Peak Capital and PostScriptum Ventures have invested €5m in Software Group using capital increase instrument. “We were looking forward to such investment because of our very ambitious growth plans which have created the demand to attract support from both strategic and financial perspective”, said the CEO of Software Group, Mr. Kalin Radev.

This investment will be also used to implement corporate governance and risk management system, to optimize the company structure, processes and tools i used in the company’s offices all around the world.

“We are supporting Software Group because it has very clear growth goals and plans in the coming years. The company has already established its team, vision, market presence and potential for further development”, explained Ivailo Gospodinov, managing director of Black Capital.

According to Dimitar Enchev from PostScriptum Ventures, Software Group stands out from other IT companies because it is a global player and a market leader. “What makes them competitive is their products which significantly add value to the market and people”, clarified Enchev.

Currently, according to our internal research, Software Group solutions and services have an impact on 6.5m end-customers, who are receiving loans to start their own business and support their families.

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