23 October 2017

Message from the CEO

Dear customers and partners,

We are all aware that it is exciting time for the financial industry right now. Customers are getting more demanding and with increasing expectations. Hence, companies need to find new ways to be at the forefront of the market and sustain their positions in this constantly changing environment.

First of all, I am very excited to share that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has recently announced the availability of the open-source software for creating interoperable payments platforms that is developed with the proud partnership of Software Group. The platform is called Mojaloop and can be used for connecting all customers, merchants, banks, and other financial providers in a country’s economy and can help expand access to safe, affordable digital financial services for the poor.

Following our mission to create a global impact and accelerate growth of the financial institutions, I am happy to share with you couple of success stories of our other customers as well. We would like to introduce you to Joseph Sukumerr, Head of ICT, from SMEP Kenya, and how their company doubled transactions through their merchant platform in 6 months with a solution from Software Group. We started also two new projects with International Bank of Liberia and Alignet Peru, supporting both organizations to enhance customer service, generate more revenue and maintain leadership positions in their region.

Furthermore, I am proud to announce that working with enthusiasm and dedication has been recognized by leading European and Bulgarian publications. Software Group has been ranked among the top organizations in Europe and one of the leading Tech companies on the Bulgarian market.

Alvin Toffler once called technology “the great growling engine of change”. I firmly believe that change is inevitable and we could either watch it happen or be part of it. At Software Group, we are inspired to continue supporting you and driving this process through technology.

Sincerely yours,

Kalin Radev,

CEO, Software Group

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