08 July 2016

Enhancing customer support with improved user interface

The web interface of the new version of our UT platform is now built using a React framework, allowing customers to benefit from enhanced user interface, user experience and support facilities.“Our goal is to have a UI and UX design that responds to both current and future challenges. These days, one of the greatest challenges for big software companies is to deliver a product that works seamlessly on different browsers, different devices and different screen sizes – with resolutions ranging from 4-inch tablet to desktop PC with a 22-inch display”, commented Youri Kalinov, Head of R&D department at Software Group”.
These new features will allow Software Group to further enhance its services, especially for customers in emerging markets where reliability over poor interest connections is essential in the day-to-day business of financial organizations.

Furthermore, the new framework is very lightweight, and allows the front end to exchange the minimum message size with the back end – delivering better and faster all-round performance. On the technical side, React’s flexibility allows developers to tailor applications to clients’ exact requirements by building “pixel perfect” web design. Crucially, as React is a common framework (used by Facebook, Instagram and others), the application will constantly improve, and any issues which occur will be quickly resolved.

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